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Common Cause: the Fifth Round Results

The results of the competition August round have been announced

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The Expert Council of the competition “Common Cause” have identified 21 winners of another competition round. There are 7 winners in the nomination “NGO. Going Agile” and 14 in the nomination “Museums. Culture. New Form”. 



21 winners

7 – nomination “NGO. Going Agile”

14 – nomination “Museum. Culture. New Form”.

194 applications have been accepted for the competition


Top regions by the accepted applications:


Moscow  – 30

Saint Petersburg – 20

Volgograd Region – 11

Kirov and Sverdlovsk regions – 9

Bashkortostan Republic and Krasnoyarsk Kray – 8


Media Partners:

Agency for Social Information

Takie Dela


Despite the holiday season, 264 applications from 76 regions were submitted for the competition by the 20th of August, and this number exceeds the results of the preceding rounds (231 applications in June and 191 in July). 194 applications from 61 regions were accepted for the competition according to the formal criteria: 122 in the nomination “Museums. Culture. New Form” and 72 in the nomination “NGO. Going Agile”.

34 independent experts from the non-commercial and cultural sectors from 7 regions participated in evaluation of the applications. Each application was evaluated by two experts and in case of significant discrepancy in their recommendations, this application was evaluated by the third expert.

The competition continues brining geographical discoveries and expanding the map of the Foundation’s activities. Organizations from the villages Kushnarenkovo of the Bashkortostan Republic and Vylgort of the Komi Republic, the town Bogotol of Krasnoyarsk Kray, the settlement Dedovichi of the Pskov Region and the town Jugorsk of the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District are among the August winners.

Saint Petersburg has again become the leader by the winners’ number (5). The Kaliningrad and Sverdlovsk regions have 2 winners. The Republic Bashkortostan, the Vologda Region, the Komi Republic, Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk Kray, Moscow, the Novosibirsk, Pskov, Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, the Udmurt Republic and the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District have 1 winner.

The General Director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation Oksana Oracheva“Over the five- months period, 126 organizations from capital cities, regional centers, towns, settlements and villages have become winners of the competition “Common Cause”. We are happy that the Foundation’s grants are in high demand, however, we realize our responsibility because we are changing our approach to activities that involve dozens of thousands of people. The majority of August winners deal with the organization of assisted living and inclusion of people with mental disorders and also development of new on-line services for their beneficiaries (e.g. the Foundation “Raul” in Saint Petersburg, the center “School-Museum-Culture” in  Novokuibyshevsk or “Open City” in Ekaterinburg).  Cultural organizations also work with the digital space and focus on developing competencies of their teams. I do hope that the experienced gained during the pandemic will transform into new solutions and strengthen the non-commercial sector in Russia”.

State and private museums (6) of various types: art, architectural, local history, ethnographic and musical are among the August leaders by winners in the nomination “Museums. Culture. New Form”. Municipal libraries (4) from Kaliningrad, settlements of the Komi Republic, Krasnoyarsk Kray and the Pskov Region are among the competition leaders by winners for the third time. There are the Russian Horn Capella, Kaliningrad Cathedral, the Muppet Theater “KUKFO” and the Cultural Center “CK-19” among the winners of the nomination.

Winners of the Competition “Common Cause”, August 2020



Nomination “NGO. Going Agile”


Non-commercial organization of non-formal education in social services “New Prospects”, Saint-Petersburg

Margarita Celebrovskaja


Non-commercial museum and educational center “School-Museum-Culture”, Novokuibyshevsk, the Samara Region

Olga Titkova


Non-commercial organization for introducing an inclusive education model for children and teenagers with mental disorders including autism  spectrum disorders “Open City”, Ekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk Region

Anna Savelevskikh


Charity Foundation “”, Moscow

Sarra Nezhelskaia


Charity Foundation “Raul”, Saint Petersburg

Mikhail Krivonos


Charitable Foundation “Your Territory”, Saint Petersburg

Ekaterina Fedorova


Non-commercial organization “Association of Substitute Families”, Ekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk Region 

Julia Ajupova

Nomination “Museums. Culture. New Form”


Non-commercial organization “Russian Horn Capella”, Saint Petersburg

Sergey Peschansky


Non-commercial organization, Muppet Theatre “KUKFO”, Saint Petersburg

Anna Viktorova


Vologda historical and archeological museum, Vologda, the Vologda Region

Julia Evseeva


Kaliningrad Cathedral, Kaliningrad, the Kaliningrad Region

Vera Tariverdieva


Kaliningrad Library after V. Maykovsky, Kaliningrad, the Kaliningrad Region  

Elena Vezberdeva


Krasnodar Art Museum after F.A.Kovalenko, Krasnodar, Krasnodarsky Kray

Ivan Ozersky


Glazov Museum of Local Lore, Glazov, the Udmurt Republic

Elena Sungurova


Dedovichi Central Library, Dedovichi, the Pskov Region

Larisa Egorova


Kushnarenkovo Museum of Local Lore, Kushnarenkovo, the Baskkortostan Republic

Gjuzel Hamitova


Syktyvdinskaja Central Library, Vylgort, the Komi Republic

Tatiana Krutova


Culture Center “CK-19”, Novosibirsk, the Novosibirsk Region

Inna Ostromenskaya


Bogotol Central Library, Bogotol, Krasnoyarsk Kray

Marina Konovalenkova


Historical and Ethnographic Museum,  Jugorsk, the Khanty-Mansijsk Autonomous District

Olga Malozemova


Balalaika Museum, Ulyanovsk, the Ulyanovsk Region

Sergey Kljuchnikov


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