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Who we are

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation is one of the first charitable foundations in Russia. It was establised in 1999 by entrepreneur Vladimir Potanin to implement large-scale humanitarian programs: today there are seven. In 2022, the endowment of the Foundation was formed. The income from the endowment goes to develop and support grant programs in the fields of culture, higher education, social sports and charity throughout Russia.

Владимир Потанин
Vladimir Potanin

In 2010 I announced my decision to give most of my wealth to charitable causes. It has always been an important part of my life, and I have always believed that a person should share the achievements and success with society. It was for exactly this purpose that I created a charitable foundation, which for almost a quarter of a century of its work has become one of the leaders of strategic philanthropy in Russia, a pioneer in the development of a number of programs aimed at supporting education, science, culture, NGOs, and has significantly contributed to development of the endowment model. Over the years, tens of thousands of professional, active and caring people have taken part in the programs and projects of the foundation, becoming its experts and friends. Thus, the foundation has established itself as a philanthropy organization with an impeccable reputation, a highly professional management team and a community of like-minded people. I believe it is time to take the next step.

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Our mission

We develop a philanthropy culture, uniting creative professionals who play a key role in solving current public issues and achieve sustainable social change.

We provide opportunities for new ideas and create a favorable environment to make them come true.

We have awarded more than 40 thousand grants and fellowships. By supporting leaders and shaping a social milieu that values creativity and professionalism we aim to create a generation of people for whom philanthropy is a natural behavior.

  • Our values


    Our work approach ensures maximum transparency. We comply with clear principles and follow the rules. We report on the progress and results of our work to our partners and society.


    We welcome creativity and innovation in any initiatives. We help every team member, partner, grantee and program participant unleash their creative potential.


    In our work we are always focused on professional standards, from how we organize a workflow to partners we choose. We actively seek, explore, apply and disseminate best practices in our sphere. We are not ready to rest and aim to constantly progress. We strive to meet new challenges.


    We take responsibility for what we do. We are guided by the idea “Do no harm” and carefully evaluate potential risks for our grantees and partners, making every effort to reduce or exclude them. The basis of our management decisions is objective, verified and full information.

    Attention to personality

    We believe that every individual is unique and offer a tailored approach for everyone. We respect the diversity of personal values, opinions, and appreciate that every person is different.


    We provide equal opportunities for partnership to all our partners and program participants.


    We are proactive in our work and involve all stakeholders to achieve positive sustainable change. We are open to experiment and innovative solutions. We support research, use and replication of new approaches, methods, technologies in our sphere.

    Complex (results-oriented) approach

    In our work we use a wide range of information, expert, educational, competitive models and tools. We are focused on tangible, measurable practical results and their long-term impact.