Vladimir Potanin Foundation

Vladimir Potanin Foundation

Notice for grantees and partners of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation

Under uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic, we want to provide the most comfortable environment for all grant projects that have been planned to come to life

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Vladimir Potanin donates one billion rubles to support the non-profit sector in times of global instability

The Foundation is now announcing the launch of new large-scale initiatives to help non-profits and their beneficiaries to survive the next few months

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Dear Friends,

I have been engaged in philanthropy for more than twenty years. It has become an important part of my life. In 1999 I created a philanthropic foundation in order to implement projects in education, culture and philanthropy development in a truly effective manner. 

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Vladimir Potanin

Our mission

We develop a philanthropy culture, uniting creative professionals who play a key role in solving current public issues and achieve sustainable social change.

We provide opportunities for new ideas and create a favorable environment to make them come true.

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20 july 2021
How to disclose information about NGOs’ philanthropic work. The Foundation shares its expertise at the Civic Chamber

Non-profit experts will show key tools for ensuring transparency in NGOs’ public data reports

18 june 2021
Vladimir Potanin Foundation Ranks First in the RAEX Ranking of Private and Corporate Foundations

Oksana Oracheva, General Director of the Foundation, has given an interview to RAEX experts as a follow-up to the ranking

2 june 2021
The Centre for Philanthropy Development is launching an international “Research Fellowships” competition

“Research Fellowships” competition aimed at exploring scientific and applied issues in philanthropy and supporting talented researchers and practitioners in this field

30 april 2021
V Forum “Endowment 2021. More than Money” has finished

The Forum was organized by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation in partnership with Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Economic Development