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Why we need grant management administration

In 2019 the we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Foundation’s work. This prompted us not only to summarize and systematize our achievements, but also to recall that we may turn any result into a tool for implementing our strategy. In particular, we are enhancing the grant management at the Foundation. Our procedures are becoming more systematic and flexible: this is a necessary condition for scaling up activities and maximizing the effect.

We have extended the term of most projects to three years, provided for the possibility of a one-time extension according to the results for the same period and of receiving additional financial support. Maximum grant amounts have increased in many competitions.

We ensure that beneficiaries and partners are independent in decision-making, provide sustained funding and exclude long-standing approvals. In this way, they can make better use of innovations, quickly respond to rapid changes in environment and achieve more lasting impact.

How we administer grants

The grant management system has a positive effect on the work of both partners and grantees, and the Foundation itself. In particular, it makes it possible to:

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Publication date: 6 october 2022