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Seventh cycle of the “Common Cause”: the Vladimir Potanin Foundation announces the results

The Expert Council identified 33 winners from 23 regions: 15 in the nomination “NGO. Going Agile” and 18 in the nomination “Museum. Culture. New Form”

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By November, 20th, the Vladimir Potanin Foundation received the record number of applications to participate in the competition. There were 547 applications from 75 regions and 136 applications were submitted for the first time. 504 applications from 74 regions were accepted to participate in the competition according to the formal criteria. Of these, there were 282 applications in the nomination “Museum. Culture. New Form” and 222 in the nomination “NGO. Going Agile”.

The leading regions by submitted applications and winners:


The geographical locations, activities and target audiences of the competition’s winners and participating organizations are expanding from cycle to cycle, thus strengthening partnership relationships within the sector. In November, due to the Vladimir Potanin Foundation support, new winners from the Archangelsk Region (Kotlas Municipal Central Library), Krasnoyarsk Kray (Dudinka City Cultural Center and Theater “White Birds”), Stavropol Kray (Georgievsk City Club), the Ivanovo and Kostroma Regions (historical and archaeological open air museums), the Chechnya Republic (Regional Charitable Organization “Trust”) and the Bashkortostan Republic (Private organization of non-formal education “Children’s University” are added to the “Common Cause” competition’s map.

Oksana Oracheva, the General Director, Vladimir Potanin Foundation: “The increased interest in the competition during this cycle proved that the decision to prolong the competition was right because the situation in the non-commercial sector is still difficult and the demand for support from various target groups is increasing. It is noticeable that many competition’s winners actively establish partnerships including those of an interdisciplinary character. This proves again that cooperation is essential because it helps to develop a shared vision of overcoming the crisis situation and strengthens feeling of solidarity among professionals working in the sector”.

The winners in the nomination “NGO. Going Agile” mostly focused their activities on helping people with disabilities. For example, the Tomsk Foundation “Ordinary Miracle” creates barrier-free environment in buildings for children with special needs; Kemerovo organization for social and cultural rehabilitation of children “Clowns in Hospital”, “Vitamin – C” supports patients of children’s hospitals using art-therapy; аnd organization “White Cane” is focused on hybrid modes of work “off-line + on-line” and “learning and teaching”. They key idea of this approach is that staff acquire new digital competencies and teach beneficiaries. The increasing role of an interdisciplinary approach should be noted among the winners of the nomination “Museum. Culture. New Form”: philharmonics, museums and libraries not only move online but become methodological platforms for schools: they prepare methodological materials that can be used by humanities teachers.

In total, during eight cycles of the competition “Common Cause”, 4308 organizations expressed their interest in the competition and 2206 organizations from 82 Russian regions submitted their applications. The Expert Council, consisting of 50 independent experts from the non-commercial sector and culture, identified winners. Within 7 cycles, 189 organizations from 47 regions became the winners. The total sum of grants equals to 169 753 645 rubles, 29 255 907 rubles will be paid to the winners of the November cycle.

The submission of applications to the final cycle of the “Common Cause” competition continues and will be open till 30th November 2020 through.

The goal of the competition is to help the non-commercial sector and culture to overcome the current crisis and successfully move to new working modes. The competition is held in two nominations: “Museum. Culture. New Form” and “NGO. Going Agile”. The results are announced every month starting from March this year. The sum of each grant is up to 1 million rubles.

Winners of the competition “Common Cause”, November 2020



Nomination «NGO. Going Agile»


NGO “Agency of Social Services” “Do it Yourself”,

Perm, Perm Kray

Anastasya Sorokina


NGO, School of Visiting Nurses “Concern and Care”, Moscow      

Olga Beketova


NGO for Psychological Aid and Counselling , project “Assistance” (socially responsible actions),


Olga Goldman


NGO for socially beneficial practices “White Cane”,

Yekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk Region

Oleg Kolpashikov


NGO for children’s social and cultural rehabilitation “Clowns in Hospital”, “Vitamin – C”,

Kemerovo, the Kemerovo Region

Nazilya Sinjukova


Charitable Foundation “Ordinary Miracle”,

Tomsk, the Tomsk Region

Svetlana Grigorieva


Charitable Foundation “Warm Home”,

Saint Petersburg

Svetlana Egorucheva


Interregional Charitable Organization for patients suffering pituitary pathology “Giant”,

the Leningrad Region

Ekaterina Andrusova


Interregional NGO “Spring of Hope” ,

Saint Petersburg

Rimma Zhilevich


Non-commercial Foundation “Nizhny Novgorog Oncological Research Center”,

Nizhny Novgorod, the Nizhny Novgorod Region

Elena Krupnova


Regional NGO “Krasnoyarsk Center for Curative Pedagogics”,

Krasnoyarsk, Krasnoyarsk Kray

Oksana Matveeva


Regional Foundation for Humanitarian Aid “Bee”,

Kaliningrad, the Kaliningrad Region

Nataya Chudakova


Saint Petersburg Charitable Organization “Harbour”,

Saint Petersburg

Oleg Krasnikov


Saint Petersburg NGO for Harmonious Family and Personality Development “Radomir”,

Saint Petersburg

Lyubov Bragina


Chechen Charitable Organization “Trust”,

Grozny, the Chechnya Republic

Roza Iznaurova

Nomination “Museums. Culture. New Form”


NGO “Theater: White Birds”,

Dudinka, Kranoyarsk Kray 

Marina Petrakova


Karelian Philharmonic,

Petrozavodsk, the Karelia Republic

Irina Ustinova


Udmurt Historical Open-Air Museum “Idnakar”,

Glazov, the Udmurt Republic

Olga Arekeeva


Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic,

Yekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk Region

Alexander Kolotursky


Pljos Historical and Art Open-Air Museum,

 Pljos, the Ivanovo Region

Alla Chayanova


Volgograd Art Museum after I. Mashkov,

Volgograd, the Volgograd Region

Varvara Ozerina


State Darwin Museum,


Anna Klyukina


Novosibirsk Library for Adolescents,

Novosibirsk, the Novosibirsk Region  

Tatiana Terentyeva


Kirov Museum “ Tsiolkovsky Museum of Aviation and Space Exploration”

Kirov, the Kirov Region

Svetlana Shumaylova


Interregional NGO “Center for Jewish Studies Lecturers and Researches “SEFER””,


Victoria Molchanova


Dudinka City Cultural Center,

Dudinka, Krasnoyarsk Kray

Rita Neveleva


Georgievsk City Club,

Georgievsk, Stavropol Kray

Angela Murashkina


City Central Library after M. Gorky

Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Kray

Tatiana Belousova


Center for Cultural Development “Borisovsky”

 settlement Borisovka, the Belgorod Region

Oksana Usenko


Mijaki Central Library,

village Kirgiz-Mijaki, the Bashkortostan Republic

Svetlana Gumerova Гумерова Светлана Байназаровна


Museum of Fine Art,

Khabarovsk, Khabarovsk Kray

Lyubov Kovalenko


Kotlas Municipal Central Library,

settlement Shipicyno, the Archangelsk Region

Elena Shvajko


Kostroma Architectural and Historical Open-Air Museum,

Kostroma, the Kostroma Region

Natalia Pavlichikova


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