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Common Cause: Second Round Results

Winners Announced in the Second Round of the Common Cause Competition

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We are announcing the results of the second round in the Common Cause grant competition, designed to provide timely support for NGOs and culture institutions facing serious challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic

The Competition Expert Council has identified 32 winners: 14 in the NGOs: Going Agile nomination and 18 in the Museum. Culture. The New Form nomination.

By May 20, 304 applications were received; 205 of them, representing 59 Russian regions, were accepted for evaluation.

Leading regions (by applications number):

  • Moscow (37)

  • St. Petersburg (26)

  • Samara Region (9)

  • Sverdlovsk Region (8)

  • Krasnoyarsk Kray (7)

  • Republic of Tatarstan (7).

The Foundation was unable to admit some of the applications for consideration for formal reasons, such as lack of audit reports, which are mandatory for foundations, including ones for 2018 (36 applications); incompatibility with the Competition’s target audiences  (21 applications); and lack of other documents, incompatible corporate formats, prohibited budget items, etc.

We engaged 40 independent experts, highly qualified professionals from the non-profit and culture sectors in 16 Russian regions, to assess the applications. Each application was considered by a pair of experts; in case of a significant discrepancy, an application was further assessed by a third expert.

The Competition’s geography has expanded: this cycle’s winners include organizations from Kamchatka Kray, Republic of Buryatia, Nenets Autonomous Okrug, and Kursk Region. Grants will be provided to organizations representing not only their regional capitals but also small cities, such as Belozersk in the Vologda Region and Volgodonsk in the Rostov Region.

Winning organizations in the NGOs: Going Agile nomination are engaged in a broad range of fields: treatment and rehabilitation in relation to a variety of health issues (from leukemia to autism spectrum disorders and mental health issues); assistance to children left without parental care; senior citizens; and individuals in difficult life situations. Notably, almost all NGOs registered in Moscow are active in locations beyond the capital. In addition to helping such organizations to preserve the pace and volume of their activities, restructuring their work into online formats will allow them to help those who would have faced serious difficulties had they needed to come to Moscow for advice or support.

In the Museum. Culture. The New Form nomination, museums and theaters are now joined by a popular education center, a theater-circus, a library, and associations of musicians and sculptors.

Oksana Oracheva, General Director of the Foundation: “Looking at the second cycle results, we can see our colleagues from the non-profit and culture sectors becoming more and more active in utilizing opportunities for working remotely, never stopping in pursuing their missions. Unfortunately, direct assistance or personal contact cannot be digitized, but the winners are expanding the boundaries of their organizations, offering new services and ensuring efficiency in new ways. Internet tools are becoming a way to attract attention to the topics on which NGOs and culture organizations work, and I hope that this public attention will eventually convert into new volunteer, creative, and material resources. And that will help more people to get help on time.”

The goal of the Common Cause competition is to help the non-profit sector and the cultural field in overcoming the current crisis and successfully adopting new formats for their work. The competition is held in two nominations: NGOs: Going Agile and Museum. Culture. The New Form. Winners are selected on a monthly basis, from March through September 2020. The maximum grant amount is 1 million rubles. The competition budget is 100 mln rubles.

Common Cause Competition winners, May 2020

NGOs: Going Agile Nomination

1. Partnership for Every Child, center for the development of innovative services. Lyudmila Sorokina, St. Petersburg

2. Louis’s Quarter, non-profit organization for social adaptation. Maria Lvova-Belova, Penza

3. In Your Hands Charitable Foundation. Elena Konovalova, Moscow

4. Foundation Against Leukemia. Anastasia Kaflanova, Moscow

5. Old Age in Joy, charitable foundation to assist the elderly and people with disabilities. Elizaveta Oleskina, Moscow

6. Big Change, charitable foundation for education of orphaned children. Irina Ryazanova, Moscow

7. Kids in Trouble Charitable Foundation. Galina Morozova, Volgograd

8. Tver Hospice. Alexander Shabanov, Tver

9. The Beginning, Zheleznodorozhny District community organization of people with disabilities. Olga Evald, Novosibirsk

10. Lada Family Center. Galina Smirnova, Nizhny Novgorod

11. Care, charitable non-profit organization of people with disabilities. Natalia Simonova, Nizhny Novgorod

12. Right to Childhood Charitable Foundation. Maria Romanova, Tomsk

13. Keepers of Childhood, foundation in support of families and children. Anna Kochineva, Moscow

14. Alma Mater, foundation to support social and cultural projects. Nina Mikhaylyuk, St. Petersburg

Museum. Culture. The New Form Nomination

1. Association of Ural Musicians. Evgeny Gorenburg, Yekaterinburg

2. Word Order Center for Culture and Education. Konstantin Shavlovsky, St. Petersburg

3. Blagodat Center for Family Culture. Sergey Samoylenko, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

4. Street Art Research and Development Institute. Albina Nurgaleyeva, St. Petersburg

5. Mongolfieri Theater-Circus, non-profit organization for culture and education. Larisa Markina, St. Petersburg

6. Belozersk Local History Museum of the Vologda Region. Tatiana Zalogina, Belozersk

7. Republic of Buryatia National Museum. Tatiana Boronoyeva, Ulan-Ude

8. Kazan Kremlin State History, Arts and Architecture Memorial Estate and Museum. Ayrat Sibagatullin, Kazan

9. Nenets Autonomous Okrug Museum Association. Elena Menshakova, Naryan-Mar

10. Arkhangelsk State Local History Museum. Natalia Shpanova, Arkhangelsk

11. Kliment Timiryazev State Biology Museum. Maria Rakhcheyeva, Moscow

12. Multimedia Art Museum. Olga Sviblova, Moscow

13. Krasnoyarsk Vasily Surikov Museum of Arts. Vladimir Luzan, Krasnoyarsk

14. Togliatti Local History Museum. Natalia Lankova, Togliatti

15. Volgodonsk City Centralized Library System. Irina Altukhova, Volgodonsk

16. Museum Automation and Information Technologies Non-Profit Partnership. Natalia Tolstaya, Moscow

17. Kursk Region Traditional Crafts House. Vladimir Rusanov, Kursk

18. Association of Moscow Sculptors. Georgy Smirnov, Moscow.

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