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Study of International Experience

We explore the world's best practices for effective partnership between grant-giving organizations and their grantees

Analysis of Grant-Giving Foundations’ Activities: Interaction with Partners and Grantees

Center for Philanthropy Development presents a review on the study of international grant-giving foundations experience on their interaction with their partners and grantees. Openness and transparency of donor organizations are in the focus of professional community around the world. At the same time, there is a gradual transition from the traditional “donor-beneficiary” scheme to a partnership model of equal parties, and the demand for this interaction model is only increasing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
How are the processes of interaction and communication between the leading grant-giving organizations and their grantees organized? How do they ensure openness, and where are its boundaries? What solutions and tools allow professionals to bridge the mission of a donor organization with its activities? The review offers possible answers to these and other relevant questions.
“We hope that the results of this work can become an incentive for grant-giving organizations to possible transformation of their relationships with grantees and partners and development of new approaches and unique tools for monitoring and evaluating the quality of interaction. At the same time, the presented practices can become a guideline for non-profit organizations in building relationships with donors and can be used as a basis for standardizing interaction with ultimate beneficiaries”.

Center for Philanthropy Development; the Vladimir Potanin Foundation