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VII Forum “Endowments-2023”

The event will be held online on April 13, 2023

On April 13, 2023, the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and SKOLKOVO School of Management will hold the VII Forum “Endowments-2023”. The annual event is addressed primarily to heads of endowments, NGO staff, professionals in sustainable development, fundraising and planning, representatives of business and government authorities.  

The forum will be held online. The program of the event includes four thematic sessions.

1. Investment Strategies for Small Portfolios up to 10 Million Rubles. Discussion.

NGOs which decided to create an endowment go through the stage when the endowment of several million rubles has been formed, and its projected income has already been included in the organization’s budget. How to manage the endowment reasonably? How to choose an asset management company? Representatives of asset management companies will discuss investment strategies and management of endowments of up to 10 million rubles.

2. The Use of Digital Technologies in Endowments. Lecture.

The session will be focused on technologies which enable us to automatize routine tasks, thereby changing relationships between NGOs, their partners and donors by developing fundamentally new practices and models.

3. The Vladimir Potanin Foundation Endowment. Case-interview.

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation endowment case will be presented publicly for the first time. The interview will be focused on the creation of the Foundation’s endowment, strategies and technologies of its management, as well as the challenges that the Foundation's team had to face when creating the endowment and the mechanisms that allow them to overcome these challenges.

4. Charitable Foundations Management – Companies’ Beneficial Owners. Research Presentation.

At the beginning of 2023, SKOLKOVO School of Management on the initiative of the Center for Philanthropy Development of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation conducted a study describing management models for charitable foundations that are business beneficiaries, including through endowments. What models for managing charitable foundations with assets are most often used in the world? Which of them can become a benchmark for implementation in Russia?

Oksana Oracheva, the General Director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation: “Non-commercial organizations continue creating and developing endowments to ensure their sustainable financial future. And these organizations pose questions which don’t have ready-made solutions. The “Endowments” Forum is a platform for interaction, collaborative search for solutions and gaining support among like-minded people. Together with professionals from the non-profit sector, experts, and representatives of asset management companies, we will continue looking for answers to the most pressing issues. The online format enables us to reach more stakeholders from various Russian regions: in recent years, the number of views of the forum sessions mounts to tens of thousands. Many NGO heads use session recordings for educational purposes to train new employees.”

Alexander Kim, Head of SKOLKOVO School of Management: “Turbulence and uncertainty will be for a long time: the economy is undergoing fundamental changes. Relevant knowledge, experience and connections, everything that enhance our personal and organizational readiness for different scenarios, have become more important than ever before. It is with this focus - on adaptability and sustainability - that our partner and we have prepared this forum for stakeholders of Russian endowments.”

We invite everyone interested in endowments take part in this mini-survey. The results of the survey will be presented during the forum.

About the Forum

The “Endowments” Forum has been held in Moscow every year since 2017. During this time, it has become an important educational and analytical platform which disseminates knowledge on endowments among NGOs’ representatives, government authorities and business in Russia.

Forum organizers: The Vladimir Potanin Foundation and SKOLKOVO School of Management.

The archive of the forum materials is available at: