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The Vladimir Potanin Foundation is the leader of the RAEX Rating

The Foundation was recognized as a leader among corporate and private non-profit organizations, while the Rusfond foundation ranked first among charitable fundraising non-profits

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In this first rating of Russian charitable organizations, the RAEX rating agency attempts to assess their partnership potential,  which encompasses financial, organizational, methodological, and media capabilities, as well as their credibility when juxtaposed with other comparable organizations.

In the current version of the rating, partnership potential is characterized by three groups of indicators, namely, the scale of operations, informational transparency and public confidence, as well as visibility in media. The relative importance of these indicators varies for different types of non-profits. For instance, when assessing fundraising non-profit organizations, informational transparency is a more relevant indicator, whereas for corporate foundations, it is the scale of their operations. 

The scale of operations was assessed based on the available data describing the volume and dynamics of aggregated revenues and organizations' expenditures over the last three reporting years (2016–2018). The assessment of informational transparency was done using qualitative values reflecting the accessibility, quality, and the level of informational content of NGO's reports. Another important factor here was availability of general information describing an organization's operations on its website. Finally, the criteria of an organization's level of public confidence and media visibility are reflected in the state grants it has received, quality and traffic of its official website, an organization's visibility in social media, as well as how often it's referenced in press. 

A non-profit's scale of operations was calculated using accounting statements that demonstrate the use of received funds, Ministry of Justice reports, and reports published by the an organization on its website. The data used to calculate an organization's informational transparency was obtained through analysis in accordance with the methodology for organizational public reporting rating and information published on organizations' official websites.

Finally, each organization's media visibility was calculated using their domain ratings on Yandex and information on their website traffic according to SimilarWeb. Furthermore, Yandex.Novosti and SCAN.Interfax helped learn about references to and mentions of participating organizations in mass media. In addition, RAEX used available public information on state grants, both federal and regional, received by the assessed non-profits. 

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Other news

Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
The Vladimir Potanin Foundation held the VIII “Endowments” Forum
06 june 2024

The results of the annual “Endowments” forum, which took place in Moscow 4 June, have been summarized

#Effective Philanthropy
Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
The book on culture in the regions of Russia has been published
22 april 2024

The publication is the result of five years of research undertaken at the initiative and with the support of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation in 2017-2018 and 2020-2021

Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
The Vladimir Potanin Foundation held its annual conference "Project Legacy and University Transformation"
07 april 2024

On April 9th, with the support of Tomsk State University, the Foundation hosted its annual conference for university teachers

Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
The Vladimir Potanin Foundation ranked first in the RAEX rating for the third time
27 march 2024

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation led the list of Russia's top-20 corporate and private NGOs by partnership potential

Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
Oksana Oracheva: Foundation’s Performance in 2023
12 february 2024

The General Director Interview

Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
The Foundation presented a study on the effects of the Vladimir Potanin Fellowship Program
07 december 2023

The study was conducted among the fellows and grantees of the Foundation

#Fellowship Program
Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
Evgenia Potapova, Mom, I`m Home
04 december 2023

Winning the scholarship competition helped Evgenia take advantage of the wide range of opportunities provided by the Foundation

Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
The Vladimir Potanin Foundation is holding a conference on social sport
28 november 2023

The conference "Sports and Society: Best Practices in Russia" will take place in November-December 2023

#Power of Sport
Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
Svetlana Yushkova, "Path of Possibilities"
31 august 2023

Developing sustainable scientific and educational tourism in the Krasnoyarsk region

#Fellowship Program
Объявлены имена финалистов стипендиального конкурса
Alexey Prikhodko, "Mathematics in Silence"
30 august 2023

Preparing deaf high school graduates for successful completion of the Unified State Exam (EGE) in mathematics

#Fellowship Program