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Olympic Scholarships

Olympic Scholarships programme was launched on the threshold of the Olympic Games in Sochi to prepare a new generation of sports managers for the Russian and international Olympic movement and sport industry.

At the moment Olympic Scholarships represent a joint Initiative of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and the Russian International Olympic University (RIOU), which continues systematic work on fostering advancement of best practices for training professionals in the area of sports management, supporting talented and highly-motivated students as well as best teachers in international sports industry and other cross-disciplinary fields.

Within the initiative the RIOU runs the selection process of candidates to attend further professional education programme ‘Master of Sport Administration’ (MSA), conducted in English, and selects visiting professors to give lectures at the programme.

For the purposes of the Initiative, the Foundation provides grant funds to the RIOU and to visiting professors of the MSA programme.

Annual grant budget of the Initiative – 30 million RUB.

Visiting professors

RIOU annually nominates visiting professors to be awarded with grants to teach at the MSA programme. A number of visiting professors can not be more than 10 individuals a year. Maximum duration of grant support for professors is three academic years; minimum duration is one academic year, which starts on 1 September and ends on 30 June of the following year.

Scholarship holders

RIOU annually conducts the Olympic scholarship competition to attend the MSA programme at the RIOU by order and dates, defined by the University. RIOU selects and awards not more than 20 students with scholarships that cover tuition fee, on-campus accommodation and a monthly living allowance.

For questions on the Olympic scholarships competition please contact RIOU by phone+7 862 262 9724/22 and by email


  • Accepting applications for the contest

    before 31 July 2020

  • Announcement of the winners

    6 August 2020


10 February 2021
Call for applications for the Olympic Scholarships competition

The winners will receive scholarships to study on RIOU’s English language version of the Master of Sport Administration (MSA) course in academic year 2021/22

4 September 2020
The Vladimir Potanin Foundation presented the ranking of universities participating in the 2019/2020 Fellowship Program

The ranking data enables stakeholders to evaluate universities’ social and academic environment

6 August 2020
Olympic Scholarships Winners Announced

Future students of RIOU will become acquainted with the best practices of managing organizations and sports facilities

10 February 2020
Call for applications for the Olympic Scholarships competition for academic year 2020/21

Winners will receive scholarships to study on RIOU’s English language version of the Master of Sport Administration (MSA) course