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The project is aimed to draw attention of the professional community and the general public to the theater and performative practices development in the framework of collaborating with museums, galleries, reserves and similar organizations.  

THEATRUM was initiated in March 2019 by the Theater Institute, the educational project Golden Mask Festival and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation. The goal of THEATRUM is to update, problematize and attract attention of the professional community, cultural managers and the general public to the active development of performative practices in museums, galleries, reserves; as well as to installation and expositional forms of theater and performance. The project combines the festival, the educational and business programs.

THEATRUM has demonstrated the relevance of this topic since it has not only revealed the active cooperation of theater, museum organizations and independent artists in Russian regions but it has connected this activity with the trends that are developing in international exhibition and performative practices. THEATRUM is the first project that specifically deals with artistic, research, expert and practical issues of creating museum and theater projects.

The first «pilot»THEATRUM’s release in 2019 demonstrated that the chosen three-part structure is operational and contains a potential for development. The THEATRUM project retained its structure and name during the first two stages in 2020 and 2021. In 2021, THEATRUM organized the “information center” to hold business and public programs that also presented museum-theater projects included in the festival’s program in an expositional format.

At the third and final stage of the project, the Golden Mask will present a large museum-theater project to the professional community and wide audience. The Golden Mask Festival having unique expertise in the modern Russian theater, as well as a unique experience in analyzing existing museum and theater practices will be a producer of this project. It will also make an independent attempt to informally join performative practices to an already established exhibition, and synthesize and form new content in cooperation with the largest museum and theater institutions. In 2022, the project keeps a program of lectures and master classes by the best specialists in theater and museum projects, however, thematically, all these meetings are somehow devoted to the creative and technical aspects of the main large-scale project produced in 2022.

THEATRUM’s website (RUS)


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