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Good Museum

Good Museum is a joint inclusive project of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and the Tretyakov Gallery.

Good Museum is a joint inclusive project of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and the Tretyakov Gallery.

Good Museum is a project of creative workshops located near the Tretyakov Gallery in Lavryshinsky lane available for children, teenagers and adults with special needs. The project has been created under the auspices of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation.

Good Museum will be the initial acquaintance with the museum space aimed at those who need additional training and support to visit the Gallery. The project for the renovation of the Cultural Center in Tolmachi has been prepared by the Oleg Klodt’s architectural bureau.

Good Museum is the next step in the development of the Better Together project. The goal of the Better Together project is to promote the creative development of people with mental disabilities and their integration into the cultural life of society based on classes at the Tretyakov Gallery Studio. The project developers strive to inform people with special needs about their opportunities, desires and abilities.


26 October 2020
How can museums reinvent themselves and become drivers of urban revitalisation?

Museum. The Power of Place, our joint program with the SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management becomes the finalist in the 2020 Excellence in Practice Awards

20 May 2020
Museum: the present and the future

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation will hold an annual forum “Museum Guide” online

18 May 2020
The “Museum: The Power of Place” initiative is the winner of EFMD competition

The Educational initiative came about as a result of joint efforts between the Foundation and Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

14 March 2020
The future of regional museums: results of the “Museum: The Power of Place” foresight session have now been published

The Foundation presented possible ways for museums to grow and evolve in the modern socio-cultural context