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The Lion House

Saving a Unique Memorial

Where? Saratov oblast , Khvalynskii Region, Popovka Village

Who? Open Collection Foundation

Project chief: Julia Terekhova

When? Since 2012, ongoing

In addition to the chance to preserving a unique piece of the past and working with local people, the project was designed to boost the area’s attractiveness to tourists. A wood house had been found in the village of Popovka, in the Khvalynovskii Region of Saratov Province, from the decade of 1910-1920 with frescoes painted by an unknown artist, an Old Believer. The paintings cover some 80 square meters. Peasant paintings of such size and quality are extremely rare. The house was purchased by the project team and developed as the Museum of Folk Monumental Painting. An audio guide is available, and a website is active. An independent cultural center, New House, has been opened adjacent to the Lion House, which is expected to win recognition as a regional memorial.

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