Who are the millionaires that are making donations for the fight against the COVID-19

Jack Dorsey will be a transfer of $1,000 million dollars from his company’s digital payments Square

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The governments have adopted stimulus packages for millions of dollars while companies and organizations, public charities, foundations and characters have promised billions more to fight the COVID-19.

Here are a few of the characters that have committed to help combat the pandemic:

Jack Dorsey
The co-founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has announced on his social network account that he would donate $1,000 million (approximately 28% of his fortune, as points himself) to a global fund to fight against the coronavirus.
The money will come out of the social network Square, which he also founded.

Jeff Bezos
The founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos, will provide $100 million dollars to food banks across Feeding America that will distribute through its national network of food banks and pantries, according to a post from Instagram.

Michael and Susan Dell
The Foundation Michael & Susan Dell will donate $ 20 million to the Throttle Therapeutic COVID-19 and the first-aid activities focused on the support to the health care, education, non-profit organizations and small businesses.

Bill and Melinda Gates
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $100 million dollars to develop a vaccine and pay for efforts of detection, isolation and treatment as well as to help the public health authorities in Africa and south Asia.

Michael Bloomberg
Bloomberg Philanthropies promised $40 million dollars to a fund for global response and was part of a group that pledged $75 million to a fund of social impact of the city of New York. Michael Bloomberg is founder and majority owner of Bloomberg LP.

Carlos Slim
The Foundation Carlos Slim will donate $42 million dollars in Mexico, through sanitation in public hospitals, the health care for the elderly and access to an online learning platform for elementary school children developed by the foundation.

Mark Zuckerberg
The Initiative Chan Zuckerberg, has donated $31 million dollars for the Throttle Therapeutic Covid-19, $5 million for the response from the bay area and $500,000 to the Council of Heads of State Schools, in order to address the policy issues that arise from the closure of schools in the long term.

Steve and Connie Ballmer
The Group Ballmer, has donated $ 25 million dollars the University of Medicine of Washington, as well as aid efforts in Los Angeles, Seattle, and southwest Michigan.

Ken Griffin
Ken Griffin and members of Citadel, and Citadel Securities, have donated $16 million dollars to the efforts in China, Chicago and New York, including a donation to Weill Cornell Medicine to process testing of fast response.

The Foundation Of Vladimir Potanin has donated $12 million dollars for the assistance of elderly people and the homeless.

Leon and Debra Black
The Black have donated $10 million dollars to Fund the Mayor for the Advancement of the City of New York, for food and supplies for the health workers, with the help of the Red Cross for your distribution. He also pledged to match up to $10 million dollars in donations to the program “Heroes of Health of the City of New York”, with donations handled by the Robin Hood Foundation.

Phil Knight and former executives of Nike Inc., have donated $10 million to nonprofit organizations in Oregon, including $ 7 million to the University of Health and Science of Oregon for the coordination of care and the enlargement of the tests.

Arthur Blank
The foundation of Arthur Blank has donated $5.3 million dollars to help the efforts in Atlanta and Montana, including $100,000 to the Foundation of the Atlanta Police.

Brian and Aileen Roberts
Brian and Aileen Roberts have donated $5 million dollars to buy 50,000 laptops to school children of Philadelphia.

Ray and Barbara Dalio
Dalio Philanthropies has donated $4 million, including $3 million to provide eight weeks of child care workers in hospitals in Connecticut, and $500,000 dollars to buy and distribute 14 trailers of food in 64 sites for those in need.

David A. Tepper
David A. Tepper has donated $2.65 million dollars to the Charitable Foundation, including a response fund Covid-19 initiated by the Foundation for the Carolinas and United Way of the Carolinas power Plants; and for the purchase of $6,000 access points moving to help the students of schools of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Sheryl Sandberg and Tom Bernthal donated a million dollars to the Second Harvest food bank of Silicon Valley.

The foundation of the family Dan and Jennifer Gilbert have donated $250,000 to the Coalition of Community Dwelling Together in Detroit for the mortgage, the rent, and the assistance of public services. Quicken Loans and its Community Fund have also made donations to help the city of Detroit, as reported by Bloomberg.

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