We are the Inventing Animal

Motivating Creativity in Art and Science

Where? Rostov-on-Don, Rostov Province

Who’s involved? The Natural Science Museum of the Southern Federal University and the Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts and Rostov Regional Museum of Local History

Project chief: Mikhail Kletskii

When? Since 2010, ongoing

This path-breaking educational program draws on the creative resources of the art, technical and science museums of Rostov-on-Don. Its creator, Mikhail Kletskii, who holds a PhD in chemistry, believes that no education, whether in science, technology or art, is complete without knowledge of the generations of makers that have gone before. The course offers a probing look at the history of human invention in the broadest sense, seeking to extend the student’s horizons and encourage his interest in understanding the world and finding self-expression in science and art. The interactive lectures – on “The Odor of Time,” “Light and Color,” “Worlds, Mirrors, Reflections,” “The Laws of Beauty,” among others – have become one of the city’s most popular attractions.


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