Culture of Giving in Russia

The report has been prepared by the Center for Philanthropy Development of the Foundation for the WINGS Cultures of Giving Working Group. The report is part of the Cultures of Giving initiative, which creates a series of country profiles that provide an overview of the cultures of philanthropy in different countries. Philanthropic practices vary across the world, and sometimes these differences are more evident than any similarities. However, this does not undermine the idea of 'global philanthropy' or the idea of a common enterprise. The diversity of practice and approach is a source of strength; it enables borrowings and adaptations as well as a sense of solidarity and mutual support.

The report devoted to Russia includes a historical backdrop as well as reflects a snapshot in time, which further emphasizes the dynamic nature of the Russian nonprofit sector. The paper provides an overview of the country context and details the current philanthropic landscape in Russia, including key philanthropy players. A separate section of the report is devoted to the challenges facing Russian philanthropy and the response of the nonprofit sector to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report is intended for practitioners, researchers, academics, and data enthusiasts in philanthropy, as well as for a wide range of stakeholders.