The Ranking of Universities

Ranking of 75 leading Russian universities participating in the Program to provide an aggregate evaluation of the interests and achievements of students and professors of each participating university, to assess the educational environment in the participating universities. Ranking is conducted once a year as an end of the cycle. The Foundation has developed the unique methodology that is reviewed annually to make necessary modifications.

The ranking is based on the following indicators:

  • Involvement of university students in the Fellowship competition – ratio of the number of students who applied for the competition to the total number of Master students at the university;

  • Share of university students – winners of the competition, among the total number of participants from the university;

  • Average score of the university in the distance round of the competition;

  • Average score of the university in the intramural round of the competition;

  • Average score of university professors in the Grant competition;

  • Number of university professors – winners of the Grant competition;

  • Involvement of university representatives in the Competition of socially significant projects and the Foundation’s School.

A cumulative ranking is calculated in addition to the main one. It takes into account the results of the main ranking for 3 years. The cumulative ranking results are one of the significant criteria for excluding the university from the Program. This approach allows avoiding situations when a university becomes a candidate for exclusion because of an one-off decline in activity and performance in the Program for one year.

You can find the results of annual ranking here (in Russian).