Support Projects of the Hermitage

The Vladimir Potanin Foundation supports the State Hermitage Museum in its activities on the preservation of cultural heritage and pursuit of development by changing the museums image in response to the demands the twenty-first century poses on museum community. Reaching this goal wouldn’t be possible without the support of proactive and creative museum employees. At the moment projects in two categories are funded: individual awards “For contribution to the State Hermitage development” and travel grants for research and inetrnship purposes.

The award recipients are the State Hermitage employees who completed their projects of importance for the museum development. The list of finalists includes professionals not only in museum collections conservation and refurbishment fields, but also employees of legal and financial departments, multi-media technology specialists and PR-managers. The purpose of the program is to develop a talent pool of the State Hermitage, to provide social security mechanisms for the most promising staff members, to create a friendly environment for productive research and operation activities.


  • Field trips to museums, archives and scientific centers in Russian and abroad with the purpose to conduct attributional research, study museum collections, work on the State Hermitage catalogues
  • Internships in leading world museums to gain experience in using new techniques in cultural heritage popularization and educational programs, to study best practices in restoration and conservation of cultural monuments and museum management techniques.


Applications are to be submitted to the Academic Secretary of the State Hermitage. The final decision is made by the State Hermitage Grants Committee and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation representative. The decision is to be approved by the State Hermitage Director and the Vladimir Potanin Foundation General Director.

Success Stories

  • Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya

    Ekaterina Khmelnitskaya, a senior researcher of the department of the Russian history of the State Hermitage Museum, was awarded the Potanin Foundation grant for this ten year research.