Effective Philanthropy

The Effective Philanthropy charity program continues the activities of The Vladimir Potanin Foundation in developing charity, giving support to professionals and organizations of the nonprofit sector and volunteering, which it has been carrying out since its establishment in 1999. We support and spread the best practices, conduct educational events, and create conditions for the personal growth of the staff of nonprofit organizations.

We bring together those who are willing to go beyond the usual formats of activity, make their own decisions, develop cross-sector cooperation, and ensure the sustainability of outcomes. The joint initiatives of the Program participants are based on common principles and values. We create conditions for the spiritual development of the individual, the unlocking creativity, the development of creative thinking, expanding the possibilities of professional fulfillment and the building of partnerships, the searching, spreading, and scaling of successful experience.

The Program is based on the Foundation’s partnership with beneficiaries, volunteers, the Russian and international professional community.


Our goals:

  • Promoting the education and awareness of society and citizens about charitable activities, volunteering, and nonprofit activities

  • Raising the prestige of charitable activities in Russia, developing the market for specialists who meet the current demand and strategic priorities of nonprofit organizations

  • Strengthening the role of nonprofit and charitable organizations as centers of innovation, cross-sector cooperation and partnerships for the implementation and upscaling of joint initiatives, improving their efficiency

  • Contributing to the successful long-term development and financial sustainability of Russian NGOs, improving their professional standards and management culture

  • Strengthening the community of specialists of the nonprofit sector and volunteers that are able to identify social problems, take leadership positions in solving them and assume personal responsibility for the sustainability of changes


Expected outcomes:

By promoting the effectiveness of charitable activities, the Program will allow participants to reveal their creative and innovative potential, to contribute to the definition and solution of tasks important for society. It will help improve the status of Russian nonprofit organizations in society, their emergence as open social centers, active participants and drivers of the development of their regions and the formation of communities of the future.

The program engages participants in a wide range of activities beyond their traditional activities, allowing them to combine subject knowledge with flexible social skills and the competencies necessary for the effective management of nonprofit organizations to interact with various stakeholders and receive answers to current challenges.

Thanks to the support of interdisciplinary and cross-sector partnerships, the creation of educational and discussion platforms, the participants will be able to use more diverse tools for implementing social initiatives and developing their organizations.

Program Activities:

  • Making grant to Skolkovo School of Management to develop and modify the program on endowment formation and governance aimed at NGO specialists who work with endowments. The grant duration – up to 24 months for one program cycle. The program intake – once in 2 years.

  • Making grants to NGOs represented by fellows studying managing endowments at the Moscow School of Management to implement study related projects. Projects are developed and modified through the educational process. The total number of projects to be supported within the program cycle – up to 25.

  • Making grants to NGOs to develop endowment knowledge hubs to promote endowment model across the regions, to support existing endowments through consultations, to conduct research, to build up the community of specialists. The minimum grant duration is 18 months, the maximum – 36 months. The maximum grant amount is 5 000 000 rubles. The maximum number of projects to be supported through one cycle – 5. Successful projects may receive additional funding.

  • Making scholarships to NGO specialists to study at week-long Said Business School Executive program on Social Finance. The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel and accommodation. Fellows are selected by University of Oxford through the open call competition based on academic, professional and leadership qualifications. The scholarship would run for 3 years with annual intakes. The total number of fellows to be selected – 15, 5 fellows - each year.

  • Organizing and supporting annual Endowment forum to discuss key endowment related issues, to share and promote best Russian and international practices. Forum brings together endowment executives, experts, NGO specialists, researchers, financial managers. Forum is one day even followed by public lectures and workshops. Forum results to be published to be available to the bigger community.

  • Making grants to support the infrastructure of philanthropy in Russia and internationally. 2-3 grants are given annually. The grant duration is between 12 and 24 months.

  • Making grants to support research on endowments and philanthropy. 1-3 grants are given annually. The grant duration is between 12 and 36 months. The research results will be presented at the national and international conferences and other events, published on the Foundation website and specialized magazines and journals to be available to the public and professional community.

  • Organizing roundtables, discussions, online conferences, workshops, learning sessions, publications on the key issues related to philanthropy development, promotion of philanthropy and culture of giving, participation in joint activities with other foundations to increase impact.

Success Stories

  • Maria Bulygina

    In 2012 Maria Bulygina applied for the Endowment Growth Strategy Program announced by the Foundation and won the competition becoming a Program’s participant