Center for Philanthropy Development

The Center for Philanthropy Development is a new stage of our activities, aimed at determining the global development vectors of philanthropy. The program objectives include the popularization of knowledge about the current charity trends, increasing trust towards the non-profit sector, incorporating Russian philanthropic activities and the professional community into the global setting, and creating an environment for the long-term development of non-profit organizations.

The program creates opportunities for knowledge exchange and spreading the best practices of Russian and international philanthropy, engaging the Russian and international philanthropic community in the dialogue on the current issues of the development of the non-profit sector. The program participants receive comprehensive support: financial aid, expert advice and consultation, organizational and information support, etc., required for both the personal career development of the non-profit employees and for the sector as a whole.

Program activities include:

  • Research of the latest trends and best practices in philanthropy
  • The creation and distribution of studies conducted by the Foundation and its partners
  • The organization of professional exchange programs
  • The monitoring of projects and initiatives supported by the Foundation